Welcome to the new London’s book and zine fair in Spanish!We are happy to announce that the first edition of The London Spanish Book & Zine Fair will take place this autumn. LSBF strives to build a platform to increase awareness, promote, nurture and maximise opportunities for Spanish language literature in the UK by facilitating links between authors, publishers, readers and new audiences.

With more than thirty exhibitors taking part on its first edition, LSBF is bound to become a major player within the international Spanish language literary scene.

LSBF 2019 is sponsored by Open World Research Initiative (OWRI), The Institute of Modern Languages Research (School of Advanced Studies – University of London), The European Bookshop and La Tundra Revista

Las Juanas - Hispano-American women on writing
Nicolas Ramajo Chiacchio
Meet the exhibitors Friends of Alice PublishingVictorina Press, El Ojo de la cultura Hispanoamericana, Newham Poetry GroupLas Juanas (Hispano-American Women on Memory), Battersea Spanish, Literary South, Flawa, Editorial Castillos De Arena and De Lujurias y Musas are amongst the confirmed UK-based publishers taking part, alongside Flamboyant (Spanish Publisher of children and young adults books)bilingual magazine, El Fuego, Vulva FanzineMatemates, Espacio el altillo and the multinational collective Me Flipa Colectivo are some of the many other participating exhibitors. 
Follow each link to read a short interview in Spanish and English >>
Marta Querol
Alejandro Luque
Marina Lomar
Meet the writers LSBF  is delighted to also welcome authors Marta Querol (Spain), Marina Lomar (Spain), Sonia Quintero (Colombia), Edo Brenes (Costa Rica), Murnau den Linden (Mexico), Francesca Tiley (UK), Verónica Corral (Spain), Luis Elvira (Spain), Patricia Díaz (Colombia), Lola Llatas (Spain), Karlina Veras (Dominican Republic), Enrique Zattara (Argentina), Consuelo Rivera Fuentes (Chile), Alejandro Luque (Spain) and Isabel del Rio (Spain) among others, as well as The European Bookshop and The Feminist Library.

In addition to the above guests, LSBF is proud to host a number of small independent and self-published FANZINE creators and publishing houses, including La Tundra Collective (La Tundra Magazine, Chop Suey Magazine, Chirimbote, Somos intrépidas Magazine, Femiñetas, Otra dimension fanzine, Alma del Universo, Fernando Mendoza, Hola Llueve, Naty Menstrual and more) and the exhibition Presencias de allá para acá, a collective space dedicated exclusively to the production of Spanish, English or bilingual fanzines exploring themes of belonging, identity, language and the global South/North interrelation. Read more >>

See the full programme

Talks and presentations 

The fair will host a diverse programme of talks and presentations.

Some of the highlights include:

‘Cartonera Publishers in Latin America’. With Dr. Lucy Bell (University of Surrey) and Dr. María Soledad Montañez (University of London). (In English)

‘Literature and Women in Spain in the XXI century’ (Literatura y mujer en España en el siglo XXI) – With Spanish writers Marta Querol and Marina López. (In Spanish) See the full programme

‘The independent comic in Latinamerica’ (El cómic contemporáneo en Latinoamérica) – With Costa Rican author Edo Brenes – Author published by Reservoir Books. (In English) See the full programme

‘Literary Travel in the Low Cost Era’ (Viajes literarios en la era de los viajes low budget) with writer and journalist Alejandro Luque and writer and translator Andy EdwardsSee the full programme

‘The Bilingual Writer’ . With Isabel del Rio (Friends of Alice Publishing) and authors Juana Adcock, Leo Boix and Karina Lickorish Quinn. (In English)
See the full programme

Murnau den Linden
'Presencias de allá para acá'
Vulva fanzine
WorkshopsThe programme is completed by a wealth of practical workshops to encourage visitors to try out their hand at writing their own stories and poems.

All workshops are free to the public and donations are welcome to support the organization of this book and zine fair. Thank you.

‘Create a mini story based on other cultures’ (Crea una mini historia basándote en otras culturas) is a family- friendly workshop, facilitated by Mabel Encinas-Sánchez and Marijo Alba-Sánchez.  Book this workshop | See the full programme

‘Living in Diaspora’ . Zine workshop with The Feminist Library’s Spanish Club. (Viviendo en la Diáspora. Taller de Fanzines por el Club de Lectura de Feminist Library). Book this workshop |  See the full programme

‘Your memories are poetry’ (Tus memorias son poesía) with Isabel Ros López and Denisse Vargas Bolaños, members of the collective, Las Juanas.
Book this workshop | See the full programme

‘How to build a fictional character based on women of the Latin American Independence’ (Cómo construir un personaje basado en las mujeres de la independencia de Latinoamérica) with Patricia Díaz (London College of Communication).
Book this workshop  | See the full programme


LSBF 2019 es sponsored by Open World Research Initiative (OWRI), The Institute of Modern Languages Research (School of Advanced Studies – University of London), The European Bookshop and La Tundra Revista.

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