One of the most eagerly awaited moments for BCBF friends is the presentation of the events programme, detailing all the initiatives that will take place in Bologna in just a few days, from 6 to 9 March. It is time to discover the events that BCBF, BBPlus and BLTF/Kids have prepared, to welcome and inform you in the best possible way, in this special edition celebrating 60 years of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.
2023 Events programme
The programme of events at the fair is now online, this year delivering an even richer and varied offer, with over 300 initiatives for all professional categories visiting BCBF, BBPlus and BLTF/Kids. In addition to the classic Cafés, the focus dedicated to Comics, Africa and Aldus Up are back, along with new event offerings such as AI, PublisHer and Women’s Day, and the new Book Lovers’ Bistrot.
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Women’s Day & PublisHer
This year the International Women’s Day falls during the Book Fair. To celebrate this coincidence, a special programme of events (with a spotlight at the Book Lovers’ Bistrot) is presented by BCBF in partnership with PublisHer, an informal networking body – founded by Bodour Al Qasimi (Kalimat Publishing Group) – that seeks to increase the number of women in leadership roles within the publishing industry.
Women’s Day Programme
PublisHer Programme
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the word on everyone’s lips: for this reason it is one of the most topical issues this year. For publishing it will certainly bring changes, some wonder if it could even replace writers, editors, translators and even illustrators. The recent release of new powerful AI models, with acclaimed tools like chatGPT, are forcing us to rethink how we work and create. Opportunity or threat?
AI Programme
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The Braw Amazing Bookshelf 2023
Also this year, a selection of 100 BRAW-nominated titles will be presented at BCBF in a special exhibition (and on BCBF Galleries at the same time). The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf is an exhibition to browse and read, to discover new ideas and business opportunities. A small preview is already online!
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In just a few days we’ll be welcoming the inaugural Market of Honour, Greece, to BBPLus23! You can meet their wonderful authors and illustrators at their stand daily, 15:00, Hall 29. There are also morning coffee sessions 10:00 Tuesday and Wednesday, so do come and learn about this rich contemporary publishing market. Check out also all the seminars and events related to Greece at the fair, in addition to a number of evening events in the city.
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BolognaBookPlus ospiterà una collettiva italiana di editoria generalista, organizzata in collaborazione con AIE. Questa settimana vi presentiamo All Around e Sime.

Beauty and The World

Next week we will also discover the programme of BOOM!, with events taking place simultaneously throughout Bologna. Among the most eagerly awaited initiatives is the exhibition Beauty and the World, with over 600 illustrated non-fiction books. Opening on Sunday 5 March, at 6.30 p.m., in Sala Borsa (Piazza del Nettuno, 3 – Bologna).
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On Monday 6 March, the winners of the Bologna Licensing Awards will be announced. The awards are open to all operators in the sector and, for the sixth edition, relate to the development of properties and brands during 2022. Meanwhile, let’s find out the shortlist with the finalists for each of the 10 categories.
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