You´ve been my friend,

a close, special friend,

we were friends for some time…

Life has gone fast

each one a different life,

but we kept close,

in spite of time, in spite of people.

We were friends,

true and sincere ones.

We told our secrets,

we talked for centuries,

we dried tears

and we thought futures.

Lives went on separate,

different and intermitent lives.

And some time ago, we got separated.

But we always had memories

of our closest times.

Special dates, special moments had been never forgotten.

After years destiny  met us again.

And we were my special friend, for ever.

Anytime, you won´t be there for me.

but unless you aren´t with me

you´ll be anywhere,

´cause you are my close friend,

so I always have you near me.

For years, for all the time we live.


©Silvia Vázquez

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