English language teaching

English language teaching English Language Teaching and Learning is one of the U.S. Embassy’s top priorities. English language skills are necessary to compete in today’s global market. The worlds of science, technology, and international business use English as their common language.  English Language skills are also important to understanding U.S culture and values in Argentina and to help promote dialogue and discussion between our two countries.  Our goal is to promote mutual understanding and knowledge between the United States and…

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Poetry and poets

  WALT WHITMAN was born in Westhills, Long Island, May 31, 1819, in a farm-house overlooking the sea. While yet a child his parents moved to Brooklyn, where he acquired his education. He learned type-setting at thirteen years of age. Two years later he taught a country school. He contributed to the «Democratic Review» before he was twenty-one years old. At thirty he traveled through the Western States, and spent one year in New Orleans editing a newspaper. Returning home…

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